Your Job Search & COVID-19

Posted by: Madelyn Brown on Wednesday, April 15, 2020
People lined up to apply for unemployment

Are you in the midst of a job search during COVID-19? If you aren't in healthcare or providing essential services, it's not a great time to be job seeking. Think spring grads or those who have realized, during this modern-day plague, that they can't return to the drudgery they were doing before we isolated in our homes. Don't give up! Here are some ideas to keep you moving in the right direction.

  1. Don't let your network go cold 
  • Make regular social media posts to encourage others, like favorite quotes or inspiring stories
  • Call someone each day to check on them and share some joy - you'll both feel better
  • Expand your social media network by following leaders in your field or your wanna-be field - LinkedIn and Twitter are perfect for building business networks
  1. Be better than you were yesterday
  • Reread one of those leadership books on your shelf and find principles and practices you can begin to apply now - Some of my faves: 7 Habits, Switch, Emotional Intelligence, and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Read a new leadership or self-improvement book and recommend to someone else - Top 20 Books for 2020
  • Reflect on your current strengths and weaknesses - find ways you will capitalize on your strengths during your job search; identify a mentor who can help you with your weaknesses and ask them for feedback
  1. Create a "Best Of" page about you to read each day
  • Top 3 challenges you have overcome
  • Top 3 barriers you successfully removed or pushed through
  • Top 3 difficult customers you won over
  • Top 3 failures you learned from
  • Top 3 members of your fan club and why
  • Top 3 moments you helped others shine

Not only will these tips keep you focused on positive actions, they will also be preparing you for the interviews and face-to-face business encounters in your future. In the meantime, keep washing your hands! 

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