I recently retained Strategic HR Partners to conduct a search for a Vice President of Human Resources. Charlie immediately dove into the project and spent lots of time working to understand our organization, what we were looking for and the type of person we wanted for this newly created position. He then assembled a number of highly qualified candidates and coordinated all the interviews. Charlie also assisted in closing the deal and offering assistance on relocation.

We are pleased we now have the right person for this position and thank Charlie for all the help in filling this important role.

Daniel E. Ellis
Senior Vice President, General Council and Secretary
Carmike Cinemas Inc.

Strategic HR Partners Outplacement and Transition Services

We recently had a reduction in force that affected many of our long term associates. We had never used your services before in handling what is a very delicate situation. You delivered.

Our associates that participated in your program have been very vocal in a positive way as to the assistance you have given them, in resume writing, interviewing techniques, and using your human resource and business networks to get them in front of hiring managers. When people lose their jobs their main focus needs to be on getting another one.You accomplished this with our people and have contributed greatly to 'them being successful in gaining employment elsewhere.

I would highly recommend Strategic HR Partners to anyone who is serious about giving their employees assistance through Outplacement and Transition Services.

Wayne Joiner, SPHR
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Columbus Regional Health

Strategic HR Excellence

“Charlie profoundly believes the key to driving business performance which leads to growth is through recruiting, developing, engaging and retaining exceptional talent. He skillfully advises client companies in the strategic development and implementation of human resources systems designed to achieve organizational and individual excellence.

 Charlie is also a gifted coach who helps individuals identify their strengths and the positive contributions they can make to others and to their organization. He truly believes in people and helps them vision themselves successfully.

 For any organization who believes the lifeblood of their business is the collective talent of employees who are fully capable and engaged in recruiting and retaining delighted customers, I whole-heartedly recommend Charlie Little.”

Barb Adams, SPHR
Human Resource Manager Dowreichold Specialty Latex
(Met in transition at a job search focus group in Cincinnati, Ohio)

Affirmative Action Plan, Mediation & HR Hotline

“Strategic HR Partners has definitely filled a need in our community. Having certified Human Resource professionals on call to answer questions based on expertise and ‘hands on experience’ has been a ‘God send’ to my company.


Our Affirmative Action Program that they created and the training that we received was invaluable. We are in the process of using their expertise to set up a formal performance appraisal and compensation program.


I recommend membership in Strategic HR Partners, to any company that wants to have the best when it comes to Human Resources products and services.”


George E. 'Tripp' Wade, III
President and CEO
WAde LInen Service and Wade Cleaners

Human Resource Startup Handbook & Policies & Procedures

“In March of this year (2008) I was given the major task of creating from scratch a complete HR manual and SOP binder for our new company. We were taking over the management of five hotels and I had only 90 days to complete the project.


As luck would have it a friend shared with me the name of Charlie Little and Strategic HR Partners. I met with Charlie and his team and within moments knew that I made a great operations decision (my first one).


As the day turned into weeks the project took shape and the task was completed to my eternal gratitude and totally exceeded my expectations. All changes were made as many documents crossed my desk. Each thought was discussed and the best procedure was adopted. The SHRP team allowed me to complete my many other operational tasks and virtually completed their work without the need of daily rewrites.


I fully recommend this company for all your HR needs. As we grow we have used SHRP for everything from legal guidance to added forms and procedures. The cost structures are fair and the wisdom issued has exceeded my expectations.”

Thomas H. Rayside

Peachtree Hotel Group

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