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Southeast Compensation and Benefits Survey

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  • Web-based, multi-state, multi-industry compensation and benefits survey for all businesses.
  • User-friendly with vital dynamic, statistical reporting created by actuarial professionals.
  • Economical and contains meaningful comparison data in compensation and benefits.

How it Works

Pinpoint™ Georgia/ Alabama Compensation and Benefits Survey is scalable and fits the needs of companies of all sizes and industries. The survey data is compiled from participating companies and is NOT purchased from other survey companies.

Enter your organization's compensation and benefit data and get free access to fresh local and regional information to help you attract and retain the right people. Data submission is easy through our web entry and results are produced real time. Real time results supports rolling participation and salary updates occurring throughout the year where paper based surveys fall short. This feature allows companies to access the most currently available compensation and benefits information.

PinPoint™ Compensation and Benefits Survey results are web-based with filtering and comparison utilities and can be accessed anytime for participant needs.

All data is secure and maintains participant confidentiality.

Sampling of Attributes

  • Demographic Results of Participating companies
    • Size, Region, Industry
  • Filter survey results based on demographic categories
  • Health and Welfare Section
    • Types of plans offered
    • Coverage offered
    • Percentage of coverage paid by employer
  • Retirement Plans offered
    • Types of plans offered
    • Matching Provisions
    • Company contribution as a percent of pay
  • Compensation Results
    • Results by Jobs Groups, Title, or specific jobs
    • Percentile Comparison
    • Job result comparison by Company
    • Participating population comparison
    • Company rankings

Survey Cost

Southeast Compensation & Benefits Survey

Cost is as follows:

SHRM National Members: $1250 

    Non Participants purchasing survey results: $2500

Non-SHRM National Members: $1500

   Non Participants purchasing survey results:  $3000

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