SE Compensation Survey

Each year Strategic HR Partners conducts and publishes the Southeast Compensation Survey (the SE Comp Survey). The information contained in this survey is a valuable resource for employers to design competitive compensation plans and benchmark against other organizations to attract and retain talent. Knowledge of what compensation and wages are being paid in your market is critical  to all your business sectors in order to be competitive in both the job markets throughout the  State of Georgia and the neighboring states that compete with you for employees. This year we have partnered with the Employers Network of South Carolina and expect even larger employer participation in the SE Comp Survey. If you participate and allow your company to be listed as a participating employer, you can receive a copy of the SE Comp Survey completely FREE of charge.

Why participate in the SE Comp Survey?

  1. Assess your current compensation plan against others in your region, industry, by title and skill level.
  2. Create a competitive compensation program – reduce turnover, increase employee
  3. Reward high performers – increase motivation and satisfaction!

 At this time, we are only surveying the interest of local companies who wish to participate. If your organization is interested in participating in the 2021 SE Comp Survey, please complete this brief form to let us know. Formal invitations will be sent to organizations that complete this form. THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL SURVEY.

Prior to the survey opening on May 1, 2021, organizations will receive a user name and password to the online survey tool. We will also be providing training on the use of the tool. 



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