2021 Compensation Survey Participate Portal

Why Should You Purchase the 2021 Pinpoint SE Compensation Survey and Participate in the 2022 Survey?

  1. Assess your current compensation plan against others in your region, industry, or by title and skill.
  2. Create a competitive compensation program - reduce turnover, increase employee
  3. Reward high performers - increase motivation and satisfaction
  4. Provide real value to top decision makers using real data - gain credibility, be promotion-ready!


"Simply put: to stay ahead of the game... you'll gain access to decision-quality data that you need for designing a viable and competitive program" From Willis Towers Watson.


Cost Comparisons

  1. Willis Towers Watson 2019 survey report pricing- average $6,960

National survey data, not region-specific; reports under $2,500 are for one job family only.

  1. Pay Scale Human Capital survey report pricing - average $2,933.

National survey data; not region-specific; price based on number of job families.

  1. Pinpoint's cost to participate in 2021 FREE when you allow your firm to be listed as a participant in the survey and the cost is minimal compared to most market surveys, should you choose to participate and buy the survey at a reduced cost. It gives a substantial price break to Chamber

Strategic HR Partners Cost for the 2021 Pinpoint SE Compensation are:

$750.00 for Members - Purchase Survey

$1250.00 for Non-Members -  Purchase Survey





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