Live Online


Facilitated, interactive learning delivered to your computer.

LIVE ONLINE is virtual instructor-led training designed for remote workforces.
Anyone can learn anywhere, without compromise.

"Learning and development programs can be one of the most efficient tools to help managers learn to manage a remote workforce and, more importantly, to lay the groundwork for faster post-pandemic recovery."

Why train leaders and teams in the midst of a crisis?

  • Skilled leaders are critical in uncertain times. And poor managers don’t become better ones when their team is working remotely.
  • If this wave of change has identified holes in your organization’s managerial fabric, it makes sense to take this time to mend those vulnerabilities, in preparation for post-pandemic recovery.
  • Offering all employees an opportunity to learn something new keeps them engaged, increases their loyalty to your company, and ensures you have even better skilled workers when daily activities ramp up again.


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  • Virtual, never recorded classes are purpose-built for remote learners
  • Conveniently scheduled two-hour courses makes it easy to fit learning into even the most demanding work schedules
  • Every class includes engaging live interactions between the facilitator and learners and learners with one another
  • Courses feature the same trusted SHRP content delivered in our in-person classes adapted for a remote, virtual learning experience including group exercises, chat and polls
  • Every class is capped at 20 learners to allow for maximum participation and engagement

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